Who is Real Music?

Under the umbrella of Furat Qaddouri Music Center Real Music Founded by the artist Furat Qaddouri (www.furatmusic.com) a Qanoon player, composer and music researcher, well known in the Middle-East and Europe, also founder of Sharjah World Music Festival and Jazz at the Island Festival, all based in UAE / Emirates.Finally, establishing a foundation and organization aimed at developing the local musical scene, through cross-cultural and cross-genre exchange, by booking and buying talents to introduce in the Middle East, mainly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Not only do we create and organize sensational concerts, but we also aim at creating awareness about the different types of genres and cultures in music industries worldwide by organizing international Music Festivals and networking exhibitions in which musicians and singers can present themselves to organizers and agents in the market.


Mainly, creating and organizing musical concerts, apart from that we are working on establishing networks and market opportunities between musicians, singers and talent buyers to build bridges in the music industry also through, festivals and exhibitions attended by artists from all around the world.


We believe that, throughout the ages, music has been a civilized mean of cultural exchange and a relief art form that transcends language. Today, we are taking you on a journey to explore these cultures, changing stereotypes and welcoming the beauty of music and art in all its sounds and origins.

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